Their are many reasons to use an Interior Design Service beyond what you might expect. Its not just about choosing the right paint colours and fabrics, although it is a very important aspect! We don’t just believe in good design at Square Box Interiors, we believe in great design. This is why we can help you create timeless interiors with effortless comfort. We believe a home should be a fully functional living space that works on many levels. The best news is, availing of our Interior Design service can actually save you money. So how does this work?


Save Money

Great interior designers can save you money. It might sound counter-intuitive since you have the additional fee of the designer, however working with an interior designer can not only help you to avoid the pitfalls of costly mistakes but also increase the value of your home. If you’re on a tight budget, interior designers will know how to get the best value out of what you can spend. It’s perfectly possible to ­decorate a room without bankrupting yourself, the trick is to spend in the areas that count. Costly errors can be avoided because we help you save money and get it right the first time. We have access to products, fabric and furniture that is not always directly available to the general public. Read more about our interior design service and consultation costs on our blog page.


Save Time

A great interior design service can also save you time and effort. A properly designed room requires a lot of consideration. Have you ever made those costly mistakes such as ordering the wrong size furniture or using the wrong shade of paint? Interior designers know that it’s vital to start with the practicalities which means taking accurate measurements and creating a design plan.

We can liaise between you and your architect or contractor early on to make sure all your design requirements are met. Simple things can be missed for example are your plug sockets in the right place? Consider your furniture placement, will it fit? Have you enough natural light, all these elements are best addressed in the early stages. This can include room by room floor plans, mood boards and fabric samples. Interior designers are trained in light, space and colour. Their professional eye will help guide you quickly and help pull all the aspects of your home together in a more unified way.


Add Value

Other things to consider is the added value an interior designer can bring to your home. We can put you ahead of the competition if you are thinking of selling your home. Home staging involves creating a specific look that will appeal to most buyers. We can create a sense of style and luxury and create new options that your home can provide your new buyer. A stunning interior lets your buyer see the complete look rather than having to re-imagine your home.



Why Use Our Interior Design Service

  1. Open your mind to the best design possibilities for your home or business.
  2. You can tap into years of our practical design experience to avoid making costly mistakes.
  3. We guide you through the right colour schemes, advise you on the best textures and materials to use for particular areas.
  4. Let us optimise the ergonomics of your space. Allow the functionality of each area to perform to its best without compromising on the aesthetic.
  5. Avail of our top resources and professional tradesmen.
  6. Thinking about selling your home? We can help stage your home professionally thereby positioning you above the competition.


Our expert advice allows you to concentrate your mind therefore making the decision process quicker and easier for you. By working with an interior designer, you have the benefit of the right guidance, better resources and advise at every step. We will help you to keep the project moving along. You will have access to our most reliable contractors, plumbers and electricians at every step. Clear and concise decisions will be made from the earliest stages of your project. This allows you to get back to your new and improved home or business as soon as possible. Now who doesn’t want that!

If you are thinking about a re-design for your home or business, please get in touch, I would love to hear about your project. Our Interior Design Service includes a one hour onsite visit with your Interior Designer along with follow up consultation(s) as required. We also provide a full management service to ensure work is completed according to schedule and within budget.

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