Colour Advice Using Paint

Do you have a favourite colour but are not sure how to translate it to your home? Fear not, at Square Box Interiors we are all about the paint!. Our colour advice will help give you the confidence to try something new and exciting. A simple colour change can inject new life in to your home. It’s an ideal solution if you are on a smaller budget or simply want a quick freshen up or a brand new look. Paint can generate a new vibrancy or a re-newed sense of ambience. We are on top of all the latest colour trends including the most popular, traditional or classical colour schemes and sometimes we just like to let our imagination run wild creating new and exciting colour schemes exploring the full spectrum of the latest paint colour’s and tones.



Interior Design Colour Advice Mood Board



Paint Finishes

Remember it is always important to prep your walls before applying your new paint colour. First step first. If you have a newly plastered wall you should use a quality primer. Bear in mind, dust and dirt can prevent the paint adhereing properly. You want your wall to look smooth and professional so make sure to fill in any cracks or holes. Think about the quality of your walls also when applying a paint finish. Gloss paint can highlight imperfections whereas a flat paint finish will hide these imperfections. An eggshell finish is a great option as it has a light sheen and provides a more durable finish. If you have children, or a busy area thats prone to dirt and splashes think about using a washable easy care paint finish.


Its all about the Paint at Square Box Interior Design


How We See Colour

The best colour advice is based on creating the right mood for your home. One of the most important aspects we consider includes the location of your room and its main lighting sources. We always start with natural light to enhance the colours within your space. For example a room with lots of natural light will require a totally different shade than a room with a limited natural light source. This is because objects absorb and reflect light. For instance white objects reflect all colours and black objects absorb all colours.

Our colour advice also focuses on the right tones and shades depending on the function of your room. Dark colours add depth to your space, whereas lighter colours open up your space and make your room feel much larger. If your room does not have sufficient natural lighting, it can feel boxy or cramped. This is where we would introduce additional lighting such as wall and ceiling lights, lamps for ambience and task-specific lighting. Put simply colour’s look different under daylight than under artificial light. With that in mind, the correct use of lighting in your interior is such a powerful tool in creating the right mood and atmosphere. We can give you the confidence to use your favourite colour’s and make them come to life. If you need some help imagining how colour might play out in your own space, look no further than Square Box Interiors.


Orange Interior Wall with Modern light fitting.


Colour Trends 2018

2018 is seeing the use of bolder colours and more specifically tones of black. This is seen from everything including walls, ceilings, floors and accessories and can look quite sleek and dramatic. For the more adventurous purple adds energy and depth to a room. Also big on trend is the use of green and rich earthy tones. This interior style originally started out as a search for a greater connection with nature. Its main principles include using organic shades throughout your interior space. In 2018 we can see this style has evolved even further to include a more luxurious use of earthy and autumunal tones.
What ever your dream colour, be it bold or subtle … be brave, be confident and be badass!



Colour Advice and Colour Trends 2018



Remember, color is not just color, but mood, temperature and structure. – Van Day Truex, Interiors

Do you need colour advice using paint?  We are bringing to life all the colours everyone will be talking about in 2018!

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